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God has always been good to me and I am very grateful!  That is why I give back something to the community at large, and those in need -- especially hosptilaized and underprivileged children -- year round!

Visiting hospitalized children and veterans in the hospital year round are some of my favorite things to do!  Many thanks to friends like Freddie Scott, and especially to Vince Martell (Vanilla Fudge) and Peg Perl for their time and dedication to the cause, sometimes traveling hours each way to a single location in all types of weather!




St. Albans, Queens, NY, Veterans Hospital
with friends Vince Martell and Peg Perl in the senior rehab. center.


Giving back to the community at large is also something I encourage everyone to do!

Belmont Lake State Park, Babylon, New York Nov. 98
with Congressman Rick Lazio and park commissioner unveiling sign at adopted historical site

And in 2012 sign and me are still doing fine . . .

US Navy detail stands fast as we unveil sign and give speeches

October 11, 2004
Almost six years later, both the donated interpretive sign and me are doing fine.

Cleaning up the local roadways and environment with the Kid's Club.

Working with the homeless is also something close to my heart since I spent a lot of time in the streets when I was younger as the result of living in a broken home.  By the time I graduated high school I had attended ten schools.  I thank God for the "angels" He sent to help me back then. I'm also very grateful for the little bit of talent that I had which allowed me to get some unplugged gigs in places like the Greenwich Village cafes those times that I ran away from home. 




Helping the families of victims and other families in need are always a priority!

Brooklyn, New York, December 2001
Benefit tribute to New York City firefighters killed on 9-11-01.

Here some photos from our celebrated annual Holiday Caroling event in New York over the years!


Caroling in Brooklyn
From Center, Greg, Randy, Vince, and Steve

Rockerfeller Center, New York
At Rockefeller Center with Kid's Club at Christmastime.

Freddie Scott collecting donations for needy children under famous Rockefeller tree.

December 1998
Bringing toys to underpriviliged children during the Holiday Season.

Since 1995, Freddie Scott, Vince Martell, Randy Safuto, and other recording artists have participated in the Celebrity Caroling event that I founded and hold at various locations around New York City. Each year we volunteer to brave the cold weather to help collect and distribute thousands of new toys to local needy and hospitalized children, but it is those gapped-toothed smiles and eyes that behold wonder in all that they see that keeps us warm!   Many thanks to all my friends and family that have helped me with this event so close to my heart all these years.  Special thanks to friends Steve Barrison, Esq., of the Bay Improvement Group in Brooklyn who helped me get the event started in 1995 and has participated each year since then, and to Christina Hall, Esq., who lends her voice and performance talent and equipment to the event each year.




AAC-B.I.G. 19th Annual Celeb. CarolingToy Drive
Greg and Vince Martell, December 19, 2010, Brooklyn, NY

The above event started by Greg in the early 1990's with the help of Steve Barrison, Esq., and a number of other recording artists has raised tens of thousands of toys for needy, hospitalized and terminally ill children. It's consistantly done in Sheepshead Bay (Brooklyn), NY each year and occasionally at other locations around the Long Island and New York City region including underneath the famed Rockefeller Center tree in Manhattan.

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